Closing of the University Buildings

The Chancellor announces that the University of Bremen (for now) will be placed in a state of emergency until 19.04.2020 in order to further restrict contacts on campus and therefore the rate of infection. Many buildings close for this:

Wednesday 25.3.2020 25.3.2020
Closing of buildings, mainly used by FB 2, FB 5, FB 6, FB 7 and MARUM, including:
NW 2, UFT, Geo I and II, all MARUM buildings, FVG, GW 1, WiWi 1 and 2

Thursday 26.3.2020 26.3.2020
Closing of buildings, mainly used by FB 3, FB 8, FB 10, FB 11, FB 12 and the central administration, including:
MZH, Cartesium, Grazer Straße building, Cognium, GW 2, SFG, VWG, depot, energy center

Friday 27.03.2020 pm
Closing of central and buildings, mainly using FB 9 and FB 4, including:
Sports tower, FZ building, IW building, AIB, ZARM

Detailed information about the access to the buildings can be found in the PDF “Notschließung der Universitaetsgebäude” which is linked to the right on the following website:

Despite the closure of the building, the obligation to work still exists.
Everyone is still obliged to perform their tasks as far as the situation permits. Of course this does not apply to recreation leave, illness, etc.