Not safe in your own home?

Here you find some numbers if you are not safe in your own four walls during the contact ban:

– Violence Against Women Help Line: 08000 116 016 (free of charge)
– Pregnant women in need” help line: 0800 40 40 020 (free of charge)
– Children’s and young people’s telephone “Number against number”: 116 111 (free of charge)
– Parents’ telephone: 0800 111 0 550 (for parents in situations of stress, free of charge)
– Sexual abuse help line: 0800 22 55 530

Many of the offers mentioned are also available online by e-mail.
The student offers of the Nightlife can be found at
Further Nightline contacts:
In addition, the Studierendenwerke offer counselling services. The best way to find out about them is to check the website of your local Studentwerk. Here is the nationwide overview:

Now, that there are less and less available activities outside your home, people that suffer from domestic violence dont have many places to escape to. This enforced closeness can further escalate conflict in already problematic relationships.
Please share the links and phone numbers and try to be there for your fellow students if you get the feeling that they are suffering from the consequences of social distancing.